Welcome to the Institute of Urban Capitalism

Teaching Urban Youth to Succeed in our Capitalist Economy.

Because too many young men in urban areas wind up without hope, believing that their lives are predestined for prison or an early death. Disconnected from our society, even rejected by it. They feel like they have no chance of succeeding in our Capitalist economy.

An introduction to Urban Capitalism

The IUC’s An Introduction to Urban Capitalism program supports and accelerates what male African American students already learn in high school, home, and church.

A unique combination of skills, character development, and economic understanding, the introduction to Urban Capitalism helps give students the confidence and skills they need to win in our capitalist economy.

   I am a Capitalist
  • Only I protect my interests
  • I measure success and failure in dollars and cents
  • I never stop building relationships
  • I never stop looking for opportunities

Creating Self Aware Young Men

We teach young men what it takes to succeed in our capitalist system, to think like capitalists – and to think of themselves as capitalists


The most important of all - living as a person they can be proud of, being true to their word and true to themselves.


Trusting their ability to learn what they need to figure things out and work through the challenges they will face.

Self Awareness

Understanding the external pressures and the internal voices that can shape their actions and their expectations.

Self Confidence

Believing that they can win - that they can figure out what needs to be done, who to talk with, and get it done.


The ability to present their skills, motivations and goals, and protect against the narrative that consumes young Black men.


Understanding how to protect your interests, how to put it all together to win and to accumulate your own little pile of money.

What does it take to succeed in Capitalism?

Most of it students learn in school, from their parents and family and from their church and community.

But it also takes awareness, an understanding of the rules of the game. Some kids get this from their parents or community role models. But many don’t have the role models available. Many don’t learn what they need to succeed, to pull all of the pieces together.

Part of understanding how to succeed in our capitalism economy also involves understanding how racism has been used to keep African Americans, and particularly African American males, from participating in our economy.  We talk about this history not to make the students angry, but to help them understand its possible impact on their thoughts and actions.

More than anything else, the goal of program is to help create self-aware, self-reflective adults that are confident in their mental capabilities and in their ability to communicate, that realize they are smart enough to figure things out and succeed.  Young men that not only know how to shake hands, but feel comfortable shaking hands and starting a conversation.   That understand what it takes to succeed in our capitalist economy.


  • Strong Character
  • Soft Skills
  • Perseverance
  • Relationships
  • Some Education

Racism can hold people back in two ways.

  1. It can keep them from being offered opportunities.
  2. It can keep them from acting upon opportunities.